Friday, September 11, 2015

Woman from 1955 has my kitchen table and chairs

My parents had one of these, too, only it was green.  Maybe this one is green.  Mine is gray, given to me by an AA oldtimer when I moved out on my own.

Thank Tricky Dicky for a link to the all-time old picture site:


kkdither said...

My grandma had a really cool one. These were so sturdy and well built, much like the cars of that time. They are still beautiful! Take good care of it. It should be in a museum someday.

Anonymous said...

My Grandpa Houdek was the King of Formica! Especially "White Gold" - all the Kitchen Countertops were done in this fashion, and the drawer handles were all chrome!

The house I grew up in had actually been built in West Racine - then moved just West of Lathrop - by Progressive Dairy". The Dairy was still in operation, and while delivery was motorized now, the old Horse barns remained, and I played and caught insects and butterflies amongst them. Every Spring my Mother would buy Flower and Vegetable seedlings from the West Racine Greenhouse - now long gone. There was even a small Apple Orchard on Sixteenth and Kentucky. Now it's all been replaced by.... GHETTO.

Goodbye Racine.

lizardmom said...

that was some really solid stuff, I remember it well!

OKIE said...

We had one similar to that one. I think it was gray.