Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Man barricaded in house in police custody after dancing on roof"

"Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded to a house on the 3500 block of Layman Avenue around 10:30 a.m. for a barricaded subject.

"Police say a man, later identified by authorities as Matthew Russ, 25, stole his ex-girlfriend's keys from her house, took her car and crashed it into a pole. 

"Police say they found Russ in a chair in the driveway holding a knife.

"He then went into the house and onto the roof with the knife in his hand. An IMPD officer then fired rubber bullets at him, and he retreated back into the house.

"Around 11 a.m., smoke was seen coming from the house, leading to the fire department being called to the scene.

"Russ came back out as a detective tried to talk him off the roof. He threw his knife at the ground, but didn't leave the roof. 

"Russ then began dancing on the roof with smoke and flames behind him. Police went in the aerial ladder, tased him, then took him into custody at around 11:40 a.m.

"Police say the man is known to have anger issues. He was smiling as he was taken away on a gurney."

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Did you see what he did to that utility pole?  Then he sets her house on fire.  Then he fucks with the firefighters trying to save his ass.  Shoulda let him "Burn, baby, burn!" 


OKIE said...

I would say he has more drug than anger issues.

kkdither said...

"More drug than anger issues" or.... probably also playing into the scenario, mental illness. We do a terrible disservice to the mentally ill, by not providing adequate services to those who need support.

OKIE said...

Well said KK.