Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my Chilly Willy, and otherwise, friends!  Many trees are now denuded of leaves while some stubborn ones hang on. Oak and Beech are known for this.  Sometimes, in the middle of winter, you'll look up and see an oak  hanging onto a mass of leaves, now snow covered and iced over.  That;s why oak wood costs more than most: density.  Oak wood is extremely strong because it takes forever to grow,  unlike the pine you'll find at most home improvement stores.  ( I remember when there still were lumber yards.)

We're supped to get a good soaking, especially tomorrow.  That's what "they" said.  Temperatures will continue to drop like leaves.  Or not.  When you work for a weather service, accuracy doesn't matter.  Ratings, yes.  Accuracy, who cares?

What the heck has become of the Green Bay Packers?  The Carolina Panthers de-pants them on national television.  How embarrassing.  The Packers have a chance to redeem themselves this Sunday, November 15, at noon, at home, against the Detroit Lions.

In the Irregular Football League, the standing are thus:

The Mighty Bears continue their tyranny of the league.

In real life, I scanned Google News looking for some good news,  Ha!

I don't have the stomach for it anymore.  First was an 8-year-old charged with beating a 1-year-old to death.  Then a 9-year-old murdered in an alley because of his father's gang affiliation. Then another one here.  Then there.  It just became too daunting and depressing to read the news.  A society that produces such monsters must be ill, or at least warped.

We've already lost a couple of generations, and it just gets worse and worse.  We may be at a turning point where we can decide where our society goes.  We send billions of dollars worth of military equipment. Then we send billions more in the form of "foreign aide."  How about Home Aide?  How about remembering where all those dollars come from?  Our pockets!  And we're sick of the government using us as ATMs.

Oh dear! I'm sorry.  I lost my temper. I shouldn't do that.  My blogs are for love and peace.  Anyone is inviting to take a read and make a comment, if so disposed.  We've built up a little of a family that way.

How much more can we stand of this? Ask 

Watch out for the slippery leaves and slippery children.  The Racine Holiday Parade is downtown this Sunday.  Say hi to Santa for me and ask him when he's going to pay my bill.  I love you all.      


hale-bopp said...

Come on Madame Z, little credit here! The Half-Astrophysicists are on a two game winning streak and whom did they beat the least two weeks? The Mighty Bears and the Irregulars. Just wish I was playing them again this week to take them down another peg!

OrbsCorbs said...

Thanks for your blog, Mme. Z.

OKIE said...

Madame, you are spot on when it comes to certain issues. A pleasure to read your blog.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Hale it will be my pleasure to take down the Irregulars for you this week.