Saturday, November 14, 2015

Open Blog - Weekend

"One's too many and a thousand aren't enough."


OKIE said...

Sad start to the weekend with everything going on in Paris. Sometimes I think they should round up these so called Jihadists and put them on a plane and drop them in the ocean one by one so they know the terror these poor people felt. Screw watching them because you can't watch them all.

Okay, I'm done.

lizardmom said...

I'm back from sister weekend. It was actually around a fund raising walk for the therapy horse barn my autistic nephew uses. My sisters' house had my asthma in an uproar, just starting to get it back under some control now. Good weekend, glad to be home.

MinnesotaChick said...

Ripped up carpet Friday to expose the hardwood floor under. Wow.. what a job! Thought it would take an hour or two.. started around 3 pm ended at 2 am. (Stubborn, I wasn't going to go to bed until I finished!) And it's a small room!!
Looks nice but.. acoustics are all off now. Can't talk in the hall without it echoing. LOL
Personally, I don't see the allure of hardwood floors. Yes, pretty.. but I like warm feet. Suzie isn't too crazy about it either. It's the spare room we hardly use. Feeling my aches and pains today.

OrbsCorbs said...

OKIE, I'd have no problem with known terrorists being thrown into wood chippers and shredders.

LM, I don't know how you live with the asthma and allergies.

MC, I did that once in a friend's house. I used my nursery spade. No fun.