Friday, February 12, 2016

Four for Fridays!

Today it going to be very cold out there and very windy so I hope everyone stays warm if you are going out. This week has gone by way to fast for me it was also a very busy week too. Here are your questions for this week.

1) Can you ever tell when your headlights or taillights are out on your vehicle?

2) When you take your vehicle to the shop for one thing wrong and find out something else is wrong on your vehicle?

3) Have you ever watched your friends pets for the weekend?

4) What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Have a great weekend everyone.


Tender Heart Bear said...

I guess I will go first today.

1) The headlights only when I am behind another vehicle but never the taillights.

2) Yes that happened to me yesterday and not the first time.

3) Yes I have and I am doing it again this weekend.

4) Really no plans but to either go out for dinner or have dinner delivered to the house.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Toad said...

1. Only the taillights. When one Is OUT, the signal on the dash will NOT flash. You're on you're own with the headlights. It's funny, but when I lived on Grange Ave. In Racine, I used to check the headlights on the windows at Snyder's Dime Store, when I was stopped at the Stop sign.

2 If you let them, they will ALWAY'S find something else wrong.

3. I love animals, but wouldn't watch someone else's pets, unless It was a cat or something small.

4. None. I only hope my back Is better by Sunday. I have been In terrible misery from shoveling the heavy snow.

kkdither said...

The wind is bitter out there and it is supposed to get colder! Brrrrrr.
On to the questions.
1. The headlights I check while entering the garage. Like toad said, the blinker doesn't work if the bulb is out in the back.
2. I really trust my mechanic. He has sent me away several times when I thought something major might be in need of fixing.
3. I have. In their house. It is a pain. I won't do it in my house. No funky rug smells or stains for me.
4. Not sure. Really just another Hallmark day. I'll buy some clearanced chocolates after the fact if I see something I like. ;>
Stay warm peeps.

OrbsCorbs said...

1) Headlight, yes, taillights, no. I think if one of the directional lights is out, then it won't flash, but I haven't had that happen with this vehicle yet. Had a brake light out. I know because a Caledonia cop pulled me over for it. If I see a car with taillights out and end up next to them while waiting for the lights, I'll motion for them to roll down their window. None of them knew a light was out and many thanked me as it might have prevented a pull over by the cops.

2) I recuse myself from that question.

3) Yes, numerous times at the old place, for different people and pets.

4) I plan to fall in love.

Thank you for the questions, THB.

lizardmom said...

1. not usually, but my indicator 'sound' is far more rapid if something is out with my directionals.

2. we rarely go to a shop, hubby doesn't like other people touching 'his' cars, but he has a knack for finding another problem in the midst of fixing the one he was working on... I think problems are contagious!

3. work a weekend no. I took care of a big iguana for somebody in the military that was called to go to Iraq, it was for 6 months and a mutual friend got me into that one. Luckily hubby was very understanding, I was a little shocked :) During the week, I actually stop at the neighbors house to spend a little time with his horse, I mean dog. She's part mastiff and gets lonely, so 10 minutes are more a day next door, therapy for us both. Nobody has ever been as happy as she is to see me.

4. I will be at work from 3am til at least 1 pm if not longer, stop by Bella (neighbors dog), them home to eat and pass out, only to repeat getting there at 3am again Tuesday. Thinking about picking up lobster from Pick n save, it's on sale. I don't plurge often, but at least I can say we 'did' something.

Toad said...

Liz...... I believe my dog Hunter was part Mastiff? She was a lot like Winnie that Is a true Mastiff, but didn't have the telltale head. Have you EVER been around a dog that loves attention like you're neighbors? They are truly an amazing giant. Watch out though, they become VERY dependent on you, and you will feel like a creep when you walk away. Winnie Is really an amazing animal, and to think the former owners wanted her put down, because she drooled, and shed Is horrific. Thank GOD someone intervened.

lizardmom said...

Toad, she thinks she's a little dog, seems completely clueless to her actual size. She's so loving and affectionate. She can no get enough attention. She knows I will always come for her when her daddy isn't home (weekdays he's gone 10 hours, I stop in 1/2 to 2/3's of the way thru her time home alone. She has a little nub of a tail , so her whole hind quarter wags like crazy, she makes me laugh so hard! She's very gentle and very protective. If I wasn't so allergic, I would dognap her daily til he gets home. We spend most of our time outside where it won't bother me. Love that girl!