Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Morning Planet Parade

You might have read some coverage of the current planet lineup in the morning sky. All five naked eye planets are visible at the same time in the pre-dawn sky. They are pretty spread out with Jupiter being about 120 degrees from Mercury.

Mercury is the tough one to catch, but it is coming up fairly early now and is pretty bright so the next week is a pretty good time to track it down before it starts getting lower in the sky and fading.

I went out this morning and took some shots. Nowhere special, just outside my house since I didn't feel like driving anywhere.  Here they are with the planets labeled. The Moon is just above Saturn. Each morning the Moon will move farther east and end up down by Mercury and Venus Saturday morning before leaving the morning sky.

Hopefully you will have some clear skies to check them out!


OrbsCorbs said...

Beautiful pics. Kk. I think, mentioned this line-up in a comment.

kkdither said...

Beautiful, Hale! I've been trying to see something since they first said these were lining up. The only thing I could see so far due to poor conditions is to find Jupiter.

lizardmom said...

very nice!