Monday, February 1, 2016

"Probably because she was on her phone"

From Knuckledraggin My Life Away:

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I'm trying to remember if I've had a "senior moment" that bad, but I don't remember any, not that that means much.  If I did, I'd probably forget it.

Talking on the phone while driving is my latest, greatest, pet peeve. 


kkdither said...

I find myself doing odd senior moment things all the time, lately. What really bothers me is the automatic stupid things I do... realize it, and then repeat them. Pretty bad when you don't learn from your stupidity.

As for phones in cars, they should get a ticket. Period. As for phones while in conversation with others, or during a class, or at dinner, etc.....they don't deserve my time or attention. Of course, if it is a serious circumstance, and a rarity, it can be forgiven.

OKIE said...

I would have to agree with Ms. KK. Even though I can hit a button in my car to phone someone, it is still distracting.

Oh my, a lady just went in to get her nails done. She was wearing red pajama bottoms and a bright pink shirt. Ouch.

OrbsCorbs said...

Why do people feel it's OK to wear their pajamas outdoors, at the store, etc.? Walmartians.

My memory is for poop. Always has been. Then I added in 25 years of drinking and drugs. And now I'm sure I'm in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

What? Did I just say something?