Friday, March 3, 2017


The transition from Time Warner Cable to Spectrum has not been without bumps. 

Last weekend I had a TWC/Specrtrum technician at my place.  He got my download speeds to the highest I'd ever seen them.  Then he said, "I think you're paying a bit much for what you're getting: "Ultimate" Internet with download speed of 50 mbps and home phone.  I paid $123 a month.  The technician said to call the office and switch to a Spectrum Plan instead of a TWC Plan.  Say what?  Yeah, they may be acting like it's a new dawn, but they're up to some old internet tricks.  The Spectrum Plan, with a download speed of 60 mbps, and home phone is $30 cheaper than what I was paying.  I'm now signed up for $93 a month, with more speed.  When I asked a guy on the phone why they weren't advertising this fact, he chuckled and said, "You know why."

So, I guess expect the worst from Spectrum.  Meanwhile, though, call them up and see if your TWC Plan can be changed to a Spectrum Plan.  It was no big deal for me.  However, the next day my internet speeds were like 9 mbps and 12 mbps.  I called them up and the woman said she was going to reboot my modem.  She did.  Now I get 60 mbps (or more) and I have $30 more dollars per month to throw into the maw of the wolf at the door.

Before this, I had heard only of more money for the same service.  They hiked me $5 per month (not bad).  However, I spoke with a woman at the bank who said her costs went up $30 per month.  Call them up.  See if you can't get some of that knocked down by switching to a Spectrum Plan.  Good luck.         

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