Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hi, gang!  How are you doing?  As usual, Memorial Day threw me for a loop and I can't remember what day it is.  I love the three-day weekends.  But then I'm lost for a few days.

I can't wait for lying John to leave Racine.  Is there any way we can push him?  He's crazy and I worry about one last humdinger from lying John before he leaves.  He's already conceded the power of the mayor to Amy Connolly, a criminal he brought in just for that purpose.  She must be thrown out, too.  Together these clowns manage about a billion dollars worth of Racine real estate.  When did City Hall become a real estate business?  As soon as lying John took over.  Everything in City Hall is for sale, at the right price.  I wonder what it cost to get the mayor's job?  After lying John has left we get to go through with a sham special election.  God, wouldn't it be nice if our mayor actually was honest and represented us?  Instead, City Hall is an ATM where the entitled can stop and grab all the taxpayer dough they need.They are so obvious about it.  They fear no repercussions from their violation of laws.  In fact, I suspect some are actually promoted for doing an excellent job of stealing our money.

There's been no response from City Hall about my suggestion that we first put up circus tent instead of a brick and mortar arena in order to gauge interest in the spot.  Personally, I'm not a sports fan, but even I would check out the new "arena."  Of course lying John and Amy Connolly would not stand for this.  They insist upon a multi-million dollar project that allows for a wide berth of bribes and kickbacks.  Poo on them!

I was really glad to hear that Mr. drewzeprmeister got pictures of two of his lifetime birds over the weekend.  With the bird migrations, Mr. drew must spend all of his spare time chasing chicks.  How nice that Ms. Tender Heart Bear is so understanding of his hobby. She gets in on it. too, taking nature pictures all of the time.  She also drives so that drew may look for birds.I believe that Ms. THB is owed a huge "thank you" for her efforts at helping friends and relatives.  Mr. OrbsCorbs has told me many times that THB has helped him out. We love you, Ms. THB.  Please don't leave the site.  Or me.

I agree with the Journal Times that the time has come for toll roads in Wisconsin; Our highways are crumbling messes and we don't have the money to maintain them.  Toll roads would supply the necessary cash to get the job done.  Unfortunately, that cash also attracts every felon in city government.  We need someone who will disperse the money honestly.  Decent roads means more tourists. More tourists means more money for local shops.

That's it, kiddos.  It's a remarkably nice day outside, but I must type with my windows closed because someone is  using a chainsaw nearby.  God, that noise is disruptive.  But don't let my bad luck ruin your day.  Get out there and enjoy the fun in the sun.

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As always, watch out for children playing near the street.  Be careful in Racine.  One wrong move might be your last.  I love you all and hope for the best for all of you.  Readers of my blog enter my heart..  That's a good place to be.
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legal stranger said...

Madame Zoltar

SAY NO TO TOLL ROADS ! Short memories most folks have. Remember Illinois Secretary of State Paul Powell? 100’s of thousands of dollars of Shoes box change ? Change from toll booths? Yep! Road tax revenue isn’t the problem. Waste of road tax revenue resources is. The DOT(both state and Feds) waste large amounts of revenue because of poor planning and poor execution of road tax dollars. Now add in price rigging, kickbacks and corruption, then the numbers really fly off of the wall. Even Former governor Tommy Thompson knew where the payoffs were. When seeking a Federal position in the Bush administration , Thompson sought a position in the DOT . Why? You may ask, because that’s where the money flows freely. Locally, one only has to look at the Wis. Hwy 20 and I-94 intersection reconstruction a few years ago to realize the vast waste of road tax dollars. DOT wasted close to a million dollars to relocate the existing .Burger King restaurant a few hundred feet to the east for ramp revisions. DOT used eminent domain, paid for the land, demolished the existing restaurant site, built a new identical restaurant a few hundred feet to the east. Then only to change plans and sell the property, which is now a Toyota Dealership. Toll roads increase the cost of travel to motorist, are inherently dangerous at the toll booths create and encourage new opportunities of corruption for government officials. Only fools could possibly want toll roads in Wisconsin.

Madame Zoltar said...

So how do you suppose we'll perform this "cleansing" of the DOT? Nothing's going to change. You and I both know that. I said, "Unfortunately, that cash also attracts every felon in city government. We need someone who will disperse the money honestly." That may be a pie-in-the-sky wish, but it's something. I know that Illinois' tolls were supposed to disappear once they paid for the roads. But the free flow of cash was impossible for the crooks to resist.

So, my revised advice is to sit home and do nothing. That's hard to do.

Anonymous said...

How about Public lynchings of perpetrators, then no more repeat offenders