Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hi, boys and girls!  How are you?  Enjoying this beautiful weather?  You better be or you can't complain about winter's cold.  These are the glory days of summer, before August's heat.  We get it again near September's end, but not as long or warm.  In between are the hot days of summer, when the grass goes dormant for lack of water.

Well, there's your landscape lesson for the day.  I couldn't help but notice that lying John is out of office one day and a company in Yorkville decides to re-commit to the area.  Hmm.  Gee, maybe the problem was you, lying John.

Now all we have to do is shoot down the event center and Machinery Row.  How many millions of dollars did we give to the "developer" of Machinery Row that won't be repaid?  My God, when it came to the ghetto, lying John took down streetlights, but when it came to far-fetched real estate developments, he threw around millions of dollars.

He left a hole to be plugged, so they temporarily appointed Dennis Wiser to the mayor's job.  The mayor's election should be sometime this fall.  Get ready for bucket loads of bullshit, in the mail, on TV, and on the telephone.  How dirty will it get?

If it matters, I endorse Sandy Weidner.

If she can't/won't run, I endorse OrbsCorbs.  I'd endorse Senor Zanza, but I',m not sure of his immigration status.

I read online yesterday that once President Nixon got so drunk that he wanted to nuke North Korea.  His generals talked him out of it.  Too bad.

Our current president provides all the entertainment that we need.  Maybe too much.

Junior and Senor Zanza get into some pretty heated arguments over politics.  I don't know which one is on which side.  It doesn't matter.  The arguments would be the same.  I only get involved if it looks like one is going to hit the other.  Then I call for a "timeout."  Amazingly, it works.  If only world leaders would volunteer for a timeout.  It might settle a lot of problems.

I hope that you have few problems.  I hope that you enjoy the weather.

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Anonymous said...

Reading the news is usually depressing.
From assholes killing cops to an asshole cop killing a woman in pajamas.

OrbsCorbs said...

I agree. It's amazing the number of violations that the cops' body cams capture. I run two ways on this. When I read about an apparent misuse of force by the police, I get all pissed at the police. But when I read about cops being "executed," I get all pissed at the criminals. We should state a new state named Criminalia. No one but criminals living there, and new criminals sentenced to live there.