Thursday, July 20, 2017

"Sandy Weidner announces she's running for mayor"

"RACINE — After months of speculation about her intentions, 6th District Alderman Sandy Weidner announced Wednesday that she plans to run for mayor in the upcoming special election.

"Weidner made the announcement during Prospect Heights Community Living Center's annual friends and family party Wednesday night. Weidner had hinted at a run for mayor  since former Mayor John Dickert announced in March that he would be stepping down, but was waiting for aldermen to indicate when the election would take place.

"'I'd made up my mind a long time ago,' Weidner said. 'I just was not prepared to make an announcement until I knew when the mayor's seat was going to be vacated and when the City Council was going to make a determination as to when the special election would be.'"

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As far as I'm concerned, Sandy Weidner is the only candidate running who gives a damn about the people of this city.  Time after time, she stood up to lying John when all the other Common Council members cowered in fear.  If she becomes mayor, I hope she appoints a special counsel to investigate the crimes that lying John has committed against the city.

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