Saturday, July 8, 2017


I moved about 3-1/2 years ago.  I'm literally inches within Mount Pleasant.  To my east are a small field and a school.  The school is in Racine.  And when school is in session, there is almost non-stop screaming all day.  I guess every hour is somebody's recess, but I've never heard a noisier bunch of brats.  I've even come to recognize some of the particular screamers.  There is a young girl who has the most ear- piercing scream, and she does it the entire time she's outdoors.  No long after she goes in, out comes "the murderer."  This young gentleman screams like a monster and chases around other kids.  They, of course, scream.

So, anyway, the school year is over and the school is quiet.  It doesn't matter.  I now live on top of a hill and all of the city's noise pollution can be heard here.  Ironically, it was much quieter living on Main St., south of downtown.  For some reason, every loud motorcycle and "hot" car drives by on our street.  They race like hell up the hill (with no knowledge of who  is at the top) and then race back down it.  To me, the hill is one big traffic hazard. You always take it easy when cresting a hill because you don't know what's on the other side.  Apparently the drivers of Mount Pleasant have x-ray vision.  I've seen so many near misses that I'm very surprised no one has been killed yet.

I also hear every siren activated in Racine or Mount Pleasant.  Again, I guess this is because I live on top of a hill now.  Wow.  We have a lot of sirens.  It never stops.  I hear all of the traffic noise off of Ohio St, and a lot off of Hwy 31.

Everyone here drives 50 mph all the time.  I'm used to sledding around at 20-25 mph on tight city streets.  I know I'm a traffic hindrance here, but I don't care.  The speed limit sign says 35 mph, not 50 mph.  Right now they're doing highway work on Hwys 31 and 20.  It's a super fucking mess.  (Almost forgot to mention the air traffic at Batten Airport. A helicopter just reminded me.)  I didn't like the high speeds when I moved here and I'm not real happy with the construction mess we have now  .(Just listened to a motorcycle cresting the hill.)  My housing specialist talked about a residential neighborhood where you could take walks and enjoy nature.  Bullshit.

Don't get me wrong.  I like living in Mount Pleasant.  The cops are much. much nicer here  There's no long lines at my voting location.  And there's half a dozen grocery stores within a mile radius.  There's no real bus service, so you need a vehicle to live here.  Or a trusted friend.  And don't forget the earplugs. 


OrbsCorbs said...

Of course, some church had their carnival yesterday. Plenty of noise,

Anonymous said...

Noise noise noise
When will law enforcement enforce muffler laws on motorcycles?

OrbsCorbs said...

Half the guys riding those bikes are cops. When I pull up next to a Harley with straight pipes at a stoplight, I always make a point to tell the biker that the Japanese bikes don't have to be revved all the time. They stay running by themselves.