Saturday, September 9, 2017

Roofers from Hell

Yesterday, roofers worked on my section of the building.  Apparently they weren't just roofing.  It sounded like they were putting a new floor in the attic.  I've never heard so much noise from construction.  The worst hammer blows came from a roofing hammer.  They almost ring when they hit a nail.  I couldn't believe the noise.  So I went to sleep.  This is now my method for avoiding conflict.  I slept through some of the noise.  When I awoke at midnight to take a pee, the above is what I discovered in the hallway leading to the bathroom.  How hard do you have to hit something to put a hole in the ceiling below you?

Before the hole was there, my instincts were to go upstairs and tell these guys to cool it.  I'm sure I'd get into some sort of trouble, so I avoided that scenario.  I've already left a message on the manager's phone.  I don't know if the roofers will be here today, but there's no manager on weekends, so I'm going to show the roofers the hole myself if they show up.  Assholes.

P.S. I found another, larger hole in a closet.

The roofers are back.  I spoke to one and he said, "We'll probably have to fix it, but I have to talk to  the contractor first."  I don't know the name of the contractor.  I don't know nothing.  The police can't (or won't) help.   So now these guys are hitting shit in the attic above me to upset me.  When I was talking with the police dispatcher, she said , "Is all that noise coming from them?"

P.S.  Minutes after I left for my doctor's appointment this morning, one of the workers fell through
the ceiling of the common hallway.  Took down a light fixture, but he's okay.  This job is going to cost the contractor more than he makes on it.  09/11/2017

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