Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my childrens!  How are you?  What happened to Spring?  The whole darn winter was weak, but it's gaining strength now that it's officially over.  I'm sure the weather played a big part in keeping the vote down yesterday.  "Racine's City Council President Dennis Wiser was unseated in Tuesday's election for District 10 alderman, according to unofficial election results. "  Hooray, hooray!  More of the slimy monsters should follow suit.  We're taking back our city.

I'd like to take us back 50 years when jobs were plentiful and crime much lower.  The American worker stood for something back then besides unemployment benefits.  We'll see what effect Foxconn has.  Yesterday they held an event and 500 companies showed up.  There's the real indication of where our economy is headed.  Everybody needs help.  I know.  I've tried to meet the requirements to have an apprentice.  I"m sorry, but I can't have lackadaisical know-nothings on my team, even if they do run the city.  Skill has given way to power grabs.

The clown at the front of the room is our guide.  His name is Trump.  Rhymes with rump.  A complete idiot.  He's perfect for us.

As we lower the intelligence level required for certain jobs, we should remember that everyone's intelligence is affected by that.  Dumb it down, dumb it down, and you end up with a roomful of dummies.  Or a nation.  Keep watching people walk into things as they're preoccupied with the electronic gadgets in their possession.  Weld those games to their hands.

Darn, the Chinese satellite didn't hit me in the head.  Maybe I can till sue.  I can say that worries affected my job performance. Because they do.

Does anyone know what Mayor Cory Mason does all day?  Mayor Do-Nothing.  Delegate, delegate, delegate, and then blame, blame, blame.. Mr. Mason strikes me as the type of person who would fit in in a library, hushed amongst the books.  He seems to be a man of intelligence, but not action.

Guess what?  Junior has his own car.  Some piece of junk he picked up with his lawn mowing money.  It's not currently running, which is where I hope it stays. I get the feeling that this car has made the rounds of Junior's friends and now it's his turn to try to start it.  I can make sure it starts, but that the transmission falls out.  The car was built before Junior was born. I shouldn't complain because Señor Zanza is overseeing all of this.  That wonderful man.  I think I love him.

There.  I said it.  I love you, too.  I love all of my readers and critics.  You make my world spin.

Take some comfort that the calendar is on our side.  It will warm up one of these days.  I think . . .
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