Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy April Fool's Day!

Happy April Fool's Day!


TSE said...

OY Vey Orbs!

TSE said...


Another hole in the story is the universal assumption that the USA must remain a land of mandatory car dependency, hostage to the fiasco of our suburban infrastructure. I understand why we’re attached to it. We spent most of the 20th century building all that shit, and squandered most our wealth on it. It’s comfortably familiar, even if it’s actually a miserable environment for everyday life. But none of those monetary and psychological investments negate the fact that suburbia has outlived its limited and rather perverse usefulness.

We’re so far from having any intelligent public debate about these issues that the events now spooling out will completely blindside the nation.

TSE said...

What If All The Cheap Stuff Goes Away?

OrbsCorbs said...

Oh my, I just spilled a cupful of Apple Cider Vinegar in my lap. I was reloading my tse-tse fly traps. As soon as I see a tse-tse, I check the traps and they're dried out. Reload and I don't see a tse-tse for a month or two. I guess I'm going to have them as long as I grow kitty grass.

legal stranger said...

The sky is falling
The sky is falling
The sku is falling
The sku is falling
More Chinese shit

TSE said...

Clever - the SKU!

Hey more Chinese Crap to fill Racine's overloaded garbage Mountain!

But - the miracle hoped for by Geologist M. King Hubbard seems to have miraculously appeared and will save the day....

Lockheed Martin has secretly been developing a game-changing compact nuclear fusion reactor that could potentially fit into a fighter jet. The Maryland-based defense contractor recently obtained a patent associated with its design for a fully compact fusion reactor, after filing for the patent in 2014.

If the latest patent from the defense company serves as a benchmark, nuclear fusion technology could revolutionize the aeronautic industry and eventually begin the quantum leap from fossil fuels to compact fusion reactors for the industry.

Get your Mr. Fusion now! and have an unlimited amount of personal electricity for life! It will be too cheap to meter!

Remember - GE Brings Good Things to Life!

That'll keep the Boogey Man away!

TSE said...

While the Sky is Falling!

Michigan Activates Emergency Ops Ahead Of Chinese Space Station Crash

With China's Tiangong-1 space station (translated as "Heavenly Palace") full of highly toxic chemicals such as hydrazine, set to crash into the earth at a still unknown location some time today, Michigan isn't taking any chances.

As a reminder, several weeks ago predicted that while the list of possible crash sites includes locations in Northern China, South America, Southern Africa, Northern Spain and the United States, lower Michigan in particular is among the regions with the highest probability of a direct hit.

With any luck, it will fall short of Michigan and create a toxic waste dump/ no man's land in SE WI!

TSE said...

Looks like Trump is hitting the panic button:

"No More DACA Deal" Trump Booms, "Must Go Nuclear" As "Refugee Caravan" Approaches

Minutes after wishing Americans a Happy Easter, President Trump revealed a major shift in his strategy for pursuing an immigration deal with Democrats, and it's one that Trump-supporters-turned-critics like Anne Coulter may finally approve.

In a tweet, Trump - who has been crucified so to speak by the conservative media for caving in and failing to obtain border wall funding - complained that US border agents aren't allowed to do their jobs properly because of "ridiculous liberal (Democratic) laws" like "catch and release". And with more "dangerous caravans coming" to the US border, "Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL!"

Aren't these people the workers Snotty Scottie is looking for?