Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello my do's and don'ts!  How are you?  Have you bought a boat yet?  Soon, it will be the only way to get around town.  My boys have more or less given up on the gardens.  They're a mushy mess.  Junior finally planted some tomatoes and they look sad and soaked.  How do our farmers deal with this?  Do I need to purchase a Case tractor to navigate my yard?  Maybe I'll just get a houseboat.  Living on the water - toot, toot!  Just throw the dirty dishwater out the window.  Just jump into the water to cool off.  Do I need a license?  "Tugboat Madame Zoltar."

Hey, isn't that something how Roseanne Barr got her ass handed to her for her racist tweet - her series was cancelled. Unfortunately, this also affects everyone else attached to the show.  I understand there's a groundswell for The Conners, a spin-off without Roseanne.  Why do rich, entitled pigs like her feel that they can pee on us?  If I was making that kind of money, I would just keep my mouth shut and do as I'm told.  I think most people could manage that, but Hollywood is full of punks and weirdos who feel the need to inflict on us their political leanings.  Idiots. (Btw, Jerry Seinfeld didn't see why it was necessary to fire Roseanne.  Good, he can pick up the production costs of her new series: Fat, Stupid Comic Yelling At You.)

Confidential to Mr OC: one article talks about it being a slow-growing, easy-to-beat cancer while another states that it is the 2nfd leading cause of cancer deaths among men.  But you don't even know if you have cancer.  You'll find out Friday.  Take it one day at a time.  Your body chemistry is so screwed up that the MD's can't figure it out.  You're operating under your own set of principles.

Local news:  Machinery Row Lawsuits Refiled.  Is anyone surprised?  Note how lying John beat it out of the city just as all the "collateral damage" of his schemes came home to roost.I'm surprised no one has taken a shot at him yet.  Thief, conman extraordinaire.  He bilked the city out of millions and then deserted us.  Oink, oink.  Slaughter the swine.

"Robbery Reportewd at Downtown Johnson Bank."  Uh-oh.  Don't mess with the Johnsons.  They can tie up court proceedings so that you'll spend 10 years in jail just waiting to get into court.  That downtown building makes me feel uncomfortable.  The few times I've been in there, I came close to suffering anxiety attacks.  I think it's the nearness of so much blood money.

Can this new mayor restore the streetlights that were removed during lying John's administration?  That would be a definite move against crime.  Then again, Mr. Mason may only  pay lip service to minorities living in the city.  Restore the lights now!  Lying John's hatred of minorities is legendary.  Please don't extend it.  We already have enough to close the gap with minorities.  Turn the lights back on.

Our police need body cams to protect both the arrested and the arrestee.  Instead, we get a new management study of the cops.  Boy, that's money well spent.  I could duplicate the management report for les than half the time and money.  But they don't want the truth.  They want whatever will prolong the game playing.

Well, kids, I hope this blog was interesting.  Thank you for reading it.  The more the merrrier.

It's supposed to warm up in the next few days, with the next chance of rain on Sunday.  Enjoy.

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