Monday, October 29, 2018

Marijuana Smell Lawsuit That Could Endanger Colorado Pot Biz Goes to Trial

| October 29, 2018 | 6:30am
A lawsuit filed by two Colorado landowners who claim that a nearby marijuana grow has reduced their property values in part because the smell makes horseback riding less pleasant goes to trial in Denver federal court today. And the repercussions of the suit's strategy, based on federal racketeering laws, could have far-reaching effects on the cannabis industry in Colorado and beyond.
The case was filed in February 2015 by Safe Streets Alliance, a national anti-pot group, on behalf of two members, Phillis Windy Hope Reilly and Michael P. Reilly. Early on, the effort didn't seem particularly professional: Note that the organization misspelled marijuana as "marajuana" in its initial press release on the subject. But SSA's success in court over the past three years-plus has overcome this gaffe.
I love the smell of raw reefer.  If I could, I'd make a cologne out of it. 

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