Friday, June 21, 2019

According to confidential sources . . .

According to confidential sources, the City of Racine and Timothy Thompkins have come to a termination  agreement with a substantial payout attached. He fails the preliminary drug test and the city hires him anyway.

This is the kind of  bullshit that happens at City Hall and we never hear about it.


Anonymous said...

Now hear this!
According to other sources, Thompkins is being given a one time payout exit package in excess of over $200,000 dollars along with extended city paid health benefits for several more years.......

Within the city of Racine - It pays to be gay and play the race card!

There lacks backbone and fiscal responsibility within the city!

TSE said...

"There lacks backbone and fiscal responsibility within the city"!

Not really - Cory Mason is a Blue Fisting Communist - he's shoving his blue fist up City of Racine Taxpayers while providing overly generous benefits - at taxpayers expense - to people of color and LGBT.

Wolves eat Sheep - that's what they do.

Sheep try to keep from being eaten.

The JT = "The Daily Wolf Howl" - the Sheep have grown tired - and no longer subscribe.

Anonymous doesn't understand how The World works - your confusion is readily explained explained that you operate on a different playing field.

A Ram can take down a Wolf - but the Wolf Pack can take down a Ram.

Rams are solitary - Wolves operate in Packs.


It is a lesson this Ram learned the hard way.