Sunday, June 2, 2019

Stingl: Woman, 35 and single, puts her finalist sperm donors up for a vote at a party

There are women who quietly and privately seek out a sperm donor in the hope of becoming a mother.
Then there is Lisa Proeber, 35 and single, who threw a bawdy "Sperm Party" on Saturday and invited the people she knows and loves to rank the three donor finalists.
No, these men were not there flexing and schmoozing in person. Just their profiles: Eric, who has dimples and plays drums and studied exercise science in college; Raj, who boasts excellent teeth, has traveled to eight countries and hopes to cure cancer; and Killian, who is 6-foot-5, skilled in math and physical therapy, and striving to live in the moment.
Lisa already made her pick and, in fact, was inseminated by syringe with the chosen sperm on Friday. But she wanted to bring her friends in on the process and guess which guy she selected.
"Because I'm an extroverted extrovert and I'm in sales and I love people and entertaining, I wanted to throw a party to celebrate it and have fun with it and make my community part of the decision," she told me.
She also feels it's important to talk openly about important life crossroads like this. Families come in all shapes, and there's no shame in being a single adult who wants to be a parent, even if it takes a nudge from science.

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