Friday, June 12, 2020


From Racine County Corruption:

In a recent REU statement, City of Racine Police and Fire Commission board appointee Angelina Cruz illuminated the already known RUSD school to prison pipeline, insinuating it is the police's fault

Angelina Cruz was appointed to the Police and Fire Commission by Mayor Mason in 2019 as an apparent diversity appointee. 

Other than a mouthpiece for Cory Mason, she lacks any relevant experiences or qualifications to act on the 
police and fire commission board. 
Angelina Cruz
Racine Education Union (REU) President &
Racine Police and Fire Commission board appointee

In a recent statement by Ms. Cruz, she used her position as president of REU to ambush and indirectly accuse City of Racine police Chief Art Howell of harboring white supremacist murderers within his department. 
Art Howell
Chief of Police

She further used the REU platform to attack other police agencies as well whom diligently serve the Racine Unified School District.  These attacks are counter intuitive and counterproductive in her position as a Police and Fire Commission board member. 

Acting as a Masonette mouthpiece, you now know that she is part of the greater movement within City Hall to remove Howell from office and forward the anti-police movement.

We find Angelina Cruz's statements to be vile, misinformed and misdirected as a Police and Fire commission board member.

 Angelina Cruz is unfit for public service and should be removed from the Racine Police and Fire Commission.

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OrbsCorbs said...

I can only hope that when she needs 911, she is told that the police have been defunded.