Thursday, February 18, 2021

First-ever report shows half of Wisconsin schools secluded or restrained students last year — some more than 100 times

From JSOnline:
Samantha West

Experts say educators should only physically restrain or isolate a student as a last resort, when there's no other way to stop their dangerous behavior, but a new annual state report shows half of Wisconsin schools used those measures at least once last year.

Some schools reported hundreds of incidents of seclusion and restraint; others none. Those with the most incidents tended to be elementary schools that serve a large amount of students with disabilities — but many schools fit that description, yet report rarely or never using the practices.

Officials in districts where schools reported the highest number incidents told USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin they try their best not to use seclusion and restraint, but it's necessary sometimes as they work toward finding a long-term solution to outbursts. And, they say, it doesn't help that many kids' mental health needs aren't being met because of a shortage of services inside and outside of school.

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