Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Lawsuit against Foxconn dismissed at request of Caledonia man who filed it

From The Journal

MOUNT PLEASANT — A lawsuit against Foxconn filed by a man who owns hundreds of acres of land in the Interstate 94 corridor has been dismissed at the man’s request.

Daniel Hintz of Caledonia had hoped to cash in with the property as development was expected to grow in the area surrounding Foxconn.

Hintz filed the suit against Foxconn in Racine County Circuit County on Feb. 2. In the suit, on behalf of Racine County and Mount Pleasant, Hintz accused Foxconn of breaching its local development agreement.

Public entities did not accuse the company of breaking the agreement, but Racine County and Mount Pleasant were both considered “involuntary plaintiffs” in the case since Hintz alleged that Foxconn’s contract with the entities had been broken.

Mount Pleasant and Racine County were also technically considered defendants in the case, because of their connection to the matter of dispute in the case.

One of Hintz’s attorneys, Stuart Chanen, explained via email that the suit only sought legal relief from Foxconn, not the village or county.

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