Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Re: Vos Head in Sand

As we've seen again and again in Racine County - many public officials and public employees are caught in situations where they would otherwise lose their positions and the perks, bennies, pay, pensions, and lifestyles that go along with them. Many "Public servants" (not all) are nothing but a mask worn in public hiding who they actually are - and beholden to those who place them in power and fund their campaigns/lifestyle. John Dickert played the lead role in the Senior play at St. Cats - he is an actor. He was a "King" even in HS - and yet a POS - he had a Court and bed many of the girls - I should know - I was his classmate. 

Anyways - it should be no surprise that most Politicians lead a double life - and sometimes the hidden secrets which keep them in control become public knowledge if they become liabilities and here is a good example:

Geroge Petak threw his vote, sold out the people, and was well rewarded - just like Rich Chiapete, just like Tim Zarzecki, just like John Dickert, just like Stephanie Kohlhagen, etc, etc. Vos doesn't have his head in the sand - you do. He serves his Masters well.

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