Saturday, March 27, 2021

Recall Cory Mason

 Racine has had enough. Excessive taxes and fees, punitive enforcement, rampant spending, unresponsive and secretive government, whitelisting residents to restrict access, bloated city government and ineffective development projects with wasted spending.[0]=AZXoMLbnlJWUO-V-ucl-zXDAYM6xP-WrDpqLpfLGsPCjRcbSX65eGmLBeV_T0FSvVKqIxSgI1pKLynZKhyO6zT0PbzjO7XbyRSYomHxJdxYtolZxFwj3docrbqfGl3LP8HA3i6jrKnUGi9RAqvxD5yP2DK0Y2iCvqVksefl4ggDSiHvXrrsh_B4h9gvjOLh3KiS-qHyZAjJtfwesQunzQiOp&__tn__=R]-R

1 comment:

TSE said...

5 incompetent politically connected gold plated boat anchors warming a seat collecting big $$$ and lucrative bennies waiting for 20 to retire; an incompetent, lying, scheming and overpaid part time City Attorney, and a soon to be overpaid, part time, non resident, Senior Citizen for a Police Chief. Really? The Residents of Ratcine are political marks to be milked and bilked - daily.