Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Top Wisconsin Republican says arresting perpetrators is likely the only thing that can be done in response to mass shootings

From JSOnline:
Patrick Marley
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MADISON - The leader of the Wisconsin Assembly said Tuesday there is little the state can do about mass shootings other than arrest the perpetrators after they commit their crimes.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of Rochester made his comment after a string of shootings around the country, including ones that killed two in Oconomowoceight in Atlanta and 10 in Boulder, Colorado. 

Democrats disputed his contention, saying legislation to expand background checks would help stem gun violence. They called for action after the killings.

But Vos said he did not see a reason to require background checks for all gun purchases because checks are already required for most of them. 

"I have not seen exactly how in the circumstances that they described that the guns were obtained, but if they were done lawfully, it seems like we already have a process and if someone chooses to break the law, there is very little that we can do besides arrest them after they’ve committed the act," he said at a news conference. 

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