Thursday, April 15, 2021

Cunt Patrol Arrested as Heat Gets Hotter Out This Bitch

 Cunt Patrol won her Mortal Kombat match with Good Boy.

However, she has not gained the right to invade an opposing realm.

Instead, her own realm has been invaded, and she’s been put in a cage.

“Second degree manslaughter.”

Allegedly, Kim Potter, who goes by the name “Cunt Patrol,” believed that scoring a fatality on Duante Wright, known as “Good Boy,” would result in “total victory for the white race.”

Potter is a member of the Aryan Defense Force,  also known as “The Police.” She joined the police for the stated purpose of “cleansing Minnesota of untermensch” in order to turn the state into “a true homeland for the pure-blooded members of the Aryan race.”

The media has responded to the racist fatality by encouraging black people to riot and destroy the Aryan Empire known as the United States. The United States government is also encouraging the complete destruction of the United States in response to this purposeful racist murder.

In Columbus, Ohio, anti-white racial warriors – white women and male homosexuals who have betrayed the Aryan race and have sided with the US media and US government against the people of the US – marched to demand white people be exterminated.

They want to “destroy the system” – the “system” being “white people with jobs.”

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