Friday, April 16, 2021

Mayor of Chicago Releasing 2 Week Old Video of Mexican Teen Shot by Police (UPDATE: Bodycam)


Bodycam was released.

I just watched Sean Hannity do a frame-by-frame analysis, and the kid has a gun that he throws just before he gets shot by the cop. They found weapon discharge particles on his hand.

The cop is an Iraq veteran, and maybe that is something we could talk about in “police reform” – this idea that we bring people back from Iraq and put them on our own streets. I don’t know that vets should or shouldn’t be cops, or the percentage of these incidents that involve vets, but it seems like something you’d maybe want to pull statistics on. Maybe there could be a process and testing that a soldier has to go through before he becomes a domestic cop? I have no idea if it is even a problem, but I do think that even normal white people feel that the police are way too aggressive, so we could look at that.

But instead, I guess we’re going to totally abolish the cops, and only have cops to arrest white people who are mean to blacks they catch menacingly stalking through their front yards.

Original article follows.

Methinks this is probably not a recent photo.

What the heck is this crap?

It’s supposed to be BLACK LIVES MATTER. That means Mexican lives don’t matter, okay?

Anyone who gets sad about a Mexican boy dying is no better than a QAnon insurrectionist. 

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