Saturday, November 20, 2021

Children Having Heart Attacks is Perfectly Natural


In Australia, a 14-year-old already went into cardiac arrest while playing sports

ABC News (Australia):

What happened to Ava Azzopardi has been described by paramedics as “every parent’s worst nightmare”.

The 14-year-old collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest after taking to the field for a soccer game on October 15.

An off-duty doctor and an off-duty nurse were among the bystanders performing CPR until paramedics arrived.

Almost a month later, she returned to the club to reunite with her teammates and thank the first responders.

“Just thank you so much for saving my life,” Ava said.
Ava did not remember the incident, but she was already raring to get her boots back on for the next season.

“I remember halfway through school that day, then nothing.”

‘It was really frightening’

Ava’s mum Tracey Azzopardi held back tears as she described the Friday evening she saw her daughter collapse on the field.

“It was really frightening, we realised from the sideline it was Ava,” Mrs Azzopardi said.

“I couldn’t have imagined what it was going to be, we thought potentially a leg injury or something.
“We’re so fortunate for the people that did CPR, then the paramedics.”

Understand: this article was actually published without mentioning the vax.

Obviously, given that children are a group that runs around a lot, we’re going to be seeing a lot of heart events among them. There is just no way to avoid that. The media will of course avoid reporting on it wherever possible, but given that they are now beginning to mandate vaccines for children, everyone is going to know a child that has had a heart event. At least everyone with children at school will know of someone – it will happen at every school.

At this point, it is just absurd to talk about how ridiculous this all is. It’s also absurd to say “this will finally wake people up!” People are committed to this virus hoax, they are true believers, and they are willing to sacrifice their children.

So many people flipped out over this virus and went nuts, and it would be too embarrassing to admit that they were duped. It’s much easier to just go along with it, and pump your children up with heart attack juice.

Remember that even according to The Science – which has been wrong about all of its doom predictions – there is no reason to worry about children getting the virus. The claim is that children are getting the vax to protect their grandparents, who they can infect without having any symptoms of illness.

So, we are sacrificing children, killing them or giving them permanent and life-changing health problems to save the elderly, who the government and media seem to be claiming can live forever if they don’t get infected with coronavirus.

It’s a kind of cannibalism.

Of course, the vax is literally cannibalism, containing parts of aborted infants. So cannibalism shouldn’t really be surprising.

Children have never had heart attacks before, but the media and government are just going to pretend this is normal – just like it is now officially normal for professional athletes to collapse and die from heart attacks while playing.

People deserve this because they went along with it.


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