Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Nathan Hale student tased by adults who entered school

From Fox6Now:

West Allis police are investigating after two people got into Nathan Hale High School and tased a student.

"There was a mom in the school – got into an argument," said Jacob Gendron. 

Students at Nathan Hale High School said there was a massive fight in the hallways Tuesday morning, Nov. 16.

"There was a fight between students, and a mom came in and she started tasing people," said Rayna Rush. 

West allis police are investigating.  A spokesman for the department said there was a fight between two students at school.  At some point, according to police, individuals who don’t attend Nathan Hale got into the building and tased one of the students who was involved in the fight.

"It happened right outside of my classroom," said Hannah Sankey. "I could hear the Taser."

Sankey said it’s raised a lot of questions about school security.

"It was really weird to a lot of my classmates that this adult managed to get into the school," she said.

Videos circulating on social media first show the fight and then the intruder using the Taser.

"We were in lockdown for about two hours," said Rush.

A district spokeswoman said two adults gained entry to the building, prompting a lockdown; school leaders assuring all students and staff are now safe.

"Everybody that I talked to learned about it from other students, but the school was pretty quiet," said Rush. 

Police say the person with the Taser ran from the school, and investigators took one person into custody.  The condition of the student who was tased is not clear. 


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