Sunday, January 30, 2022

Ripon Taxi

Avenge me(and so many others) . Toss VOS and bring Snotty Scottie Walker to justice.

I called Ripon Taxi and spoke to a 'Stacy". She understood my situation and is willing to work with me - so I do believe that I will be able to continue at work during my 6 month stay in Green Lake County jail which will continue to build my savings and 401k. This will be of utmost importance as I move to Walker County (!) GA.

Doors keep opening and I will survive - or so it seems.

Next I have to work on my new resume and contact Roper and Shaw Corporation - Shaw may be my best bet in Chickamauga. Then Apartments/rentals/roommates wanted. One day at a time.

I signed a paper from my Attorney Erik Johnson so I don't have to appear in court on Feb. 2 which would be my initial appearance for the "crimes" I committed in Lake Delton. The surveillance video  which should exist will exonerate me and I hope to sue the family and get a settlement which will help me to begin a new life in GA.

If you haven't yet checked them out - perhaps H.O.T Government needs to recommend these books:

Foxconned: Imaginary Jobs, Bulldozed Homes, and the Sacking of Local Government

  Powerful and resonant, Foxconned is both the definitive autopsy of the Foxconn fiasco and a dire warning to communities and states nationwide.

When Wisconsin governor Scott Walker stood shoulder to shoulder with President Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan at the White House in July 2017, they painted a glorious picture of his state’s future. Foxconn, the enormous China-based electronics firm, was promising to bring TV manufacturing back to the United States with a $10 billion investment and 13,000 well-paying jobs. They actually were making America great again, they crowed.
Two years later, the project was in shambles. Ten thousand construction workers were supposed to have been building what Trump had promised would be “the eighth wonder of the world.” Instead, land had been seized, homes had been destroyed, and hundreds of millions of municipal dollars had been committed for just a few hundred jobs—nowhere near enough for Foxconn to earn the incentives Walker had shoveled at them. In Foxconned, journalist Lawrence Tabak details the full story of this utter collapse, which was disturbingly inevitable.
As Tabak shows, everything about Foxconn was a disaster. But worse, he reveals how the economic incentive infrastructure across the country is broken, leading to waste, cronyism, and the steady transfer of tax revenue to corporations. Tabak details every kind of financial chicanery, from eminent domain abuse to good old-fashioned looting—all to benefit a coterie of consultants, politicians, and contractors. With compassion and care, he also reports the distressing stories of the many individuals whose lives were upended by Foxconn.


Unethical. Life in Scott Walker’s Cabinet and the Dirty Side of Politics

For anyone interested in Wisconsin politics during the Walker Era, this book is a must read. Ed Wall tells how he came to Wisconsin to be with his wife’s family and continue his career in law enforcement, where he rose to become the respected leader of the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation. Although he had no political connections or affiliations, Wall was chosen by Democrat Governor Jim Doyle to head the state Division of Emergency Management and was then chosen by Republican Governor Scott Walker to lead the state’s largest cabinet agency, the Department of Corrections. It was there, in Walker’s cabinet, where Wall saw, up close and personal, the self-serving, unethical actions of Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel. Along the way, you’ll find out fascinating inside details about the Act 10 protests, the John Doe investigations, Walker’s obsession with avoiding public records, his failed presidential bid, and Schimel’s bungling of the Lincoln Hills investigation. This is a revealing and harrowing account of life at the highest levels of the Walker administration and the difficult, life-altering lessons learned along the way.

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