Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Madame Zoltar

Howdy doody, everybody! It’s Madame Zoltar with your weekly peak beyond the pale. I hope that you all are well, and I’m happy to report that my incantations for the mayor’s health have proven beneficial. The city will be receiving my bill.

Our first missive today comes from AvengingAngel, who writes:

Dear Madame,

Hale recently posted pictures showing the conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon. Is there some cosmic meaning to this occurrence?

Dear Mr. AvengingAngel,

Hale who?

In any case, yes, there is great significance to this astrological event. It signals the dawning of the Age of Vicarious, a time when people will start to live their lives ever more online. Soon, the lines between reality and the cyber world will blur completely.

“Then PCs will guide the planets, and spam will steer the stars.”

Our next query comes from Alwin Lorenz, who writes:

my name is Alwin.
I´m writing to you, ´cause I received an e-mail by Ms Awa Dominic, who the f%*# is that?
She wants to do some investments in my country, eh? She needs a contact person here - sounds very mysterious to me - who is she? I read some on your bloq, sounds not really good!
Thanks for answering!


Dear Alwin,

You’re welcome.

Finally, I thought you all might want to take a peek at junior’s website, I haven’t the faintest idea of what it is about, but as long as he stays out of my hair, I’m OK with that.

Send your love letters and hate mail to me at:

Thank you for reading my blog. I look forward to seeing you again next week. Nolo contendere, my compadres.


kkdither said...

Madame, you must be very proud. I see he is following in your footsteps.

Anonymous said...

He is? If he follows too closely, I'll have him arrested for stalking. That is one weird kid.

AvengingAngel said...

Thanks, Madame, I thought I felt something dawning!

hale-bopp said...

Junior? I didn't know there was a senior!