Sunday, May 1, 2011

In Line at Piggly Wiggly

I went to "the Pig" yesterday. I picked up 5 or 6 items. When I got to the express lane (15 items or less), there was a guy ahead of me with a cart full of groceries. The checkout clerk didn't say anything and neither did I. Some people are just jerks.

After all the groceries were checked, the clerk asked the guy if he had a Pig card. He said yes, but not with him. She asked him for his name so she could look it up. He gave eight different names, each time the clerk looking it up and finding nothing. Then he said it must be in his girlfriend's name and he started giving women's names. This went on for awhile until he finally said, "Oh forget it."

Now it was time to pay. This, too, had to be an ordeal. The guy kept swiping different cards through the reader, but none of them worked. Then he got the clerk involved in swiping the cards. By now, the express lane line snaked down one of the store aisles. I said under my breath, but apparently loud enough to be heard, "Come on." The guy immediately said to me, "Fuck you!" When I said, "What?" He said, "You heard me."

The express lane is right by the service counter and I wasn't going to get into it with this jerk so I just called out for a manager to come to the express lane. Of course, the manager had just gone home and by the time anyone got over there, the guy had paid and left.

However, I was informed of some very interesting things. First, the store does not enforce the 15 items or less rule. They don't care. You can go through with a truckload of groceries. Second, I was told, and I quote exactly, "Anyone can say or do anything they want in America." This was in response to my mentioning the guy cursing at me. So I asked if it was OK for me to go through their store saying "Fuck you" to the customers. They said no, they would have me arrested.

Party on, PIG!


educationreform said...

Lots of folks have financial difficulties in this economy, I wouldn't be quick to judge someone who may be embarrassed at being observed buying food on credit.

OrbsCorbs said...

I call him a jerk for taking a full cart through the express lane, playing games with the Pig card when it was obvious he didn't have one, and for spitting "Fuck you" at me. I don't care how he paid.

kkdither said...

I used to work at the pig. I HATED when I had to run the express lane. People are assholes. It does no good to try to enforce anything, that is why the store doesn't.

I once had a can of peas thrown at my head because I was following the LAW about not accepting food stamps already torn out of the owners book.

The money was good when I worked there while in college. The poor people who work there now work in awful conditions and the pay is just as degrading.

Orbs, you know the rules only apply to you, not to anyone else. That is how if feels most of the time.

Sassa said...

These were the simple rules we grew up with. Somewhere it all one is afraid of authority anymore. There is no code of ethics. What happened to the generation that produced this? Both parents working? Maybe no two parents. They should have a class mandatory to teach kids social skills. Maybe some parents too.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Orbs the same thing happened to me. I talked to the manager and he said that the supervisor and the cashier was in the wrong. In the express lane they are not to take full carts of food. The manager wrote the supervisor and the cashier up while I was there to tell him what happened again. He said it does not matter if it is slow or not. I just thought I would let you know.

SER said...

Checkout lanes are bitch’in.

I was at Pick & Save a few years back standing in line and a guy and his little son where behind me. The kid pushed me! I turned around and looked at his dad and him and his dad just smiled like no big deal, and then little bastard kicked me right in the chin, damn did it hurt!

I kicked that little shit back so hard I darn near knocked him down. His dad grabbed him and they stepped back, I just kept staring at his dad like, “do something”! All the people around thought I was a big meanie, but none of them saw him kick me!

OKIE said...

There is one thing I have learned and that is to never go to the grocery store on the first of the month. A lot of people get paid on that day so the stores are usually packed. Packed stores mean irritated people.
If I can, I wait a few days.

Toad said...

Hey Orb's that Is called an "Express Hole" I have used It several times.