Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Referendum of RUSD

They talk about the money they need. They had money for building maintenance and repair that they spent on other things. So again they are asking for more. BUT, they don't give any guarantee that the money will be spent on what the say!

“After listening to the community, the Racine Unified School District Board of Education decided that holding the line on taxes and an investment in our community and our kids is the right way to go. Tonight, the Board voted unanimously to place a referendum on the November 4 ballot, asking voters to approve a set amount of money for a specific time period – $8.5 million each year for 15 years – with no tax increase. This will address significant education, technology and building needs facing our District and is a much-needed investment in our kids and our schools.

The money will be used to address ongoing school building maintenance problems like roofs and heating systems that have long been deferred because of a lack of funds.

  Source Racine Unified School District


SER said...

Maybe I just like bitch'en about RUSD...

Anonymous said...

Will RUSD find a way to use water utility money?

Just ask'in

SER said...

Anon, didn't they get cut off from that?

kkdither said...

I was at the school board meeting where the budget was presented. I have some of the facts, but they sure are hard to understand. Big surprise.

First, let me try to explain why there would be no tax increase, even if the referendum goes through. The state is shifting more money to RUSD at a higher percentage, possibly due to Racine's dismal economic level, so the local contribution in taxes will go down.

According to the numbers, RUSD spends SIGNIFICANTLY LESS per student than surrounding districts, despite the fact that Racine children come with higher needs of services due to poverty and special educational needs.

Surrounding districts (often higher tax base cities, ie: richer communities) have traditionally funded referendums, sometimes yearly. Racine has been shooting them down as fast as they are purposed. (maybe for good reason)

RUSD scores neither higher nor lower in graduation rates, and proficient test scores, than most of the surrounding districts.

When the proposals are constructed, they often times are vaguely written, have no definite spending restrictions, no time frame and hold very limited accountability. When image and perception is already bad, this just angers taxpayers more....

A lot of repairs and maintenance HAVE been deferred. The schools are in poor shape. Building and grounds, custodians, painters, general repair workers, material funds have all been cut. By the way, class sizes have increased. Special education has moved to "inclusion," which means that in these classrooms, up to half may be students who need more attention or services.

The spending and biggering at Central Office seems to continue to grow. Some of it, I believe is due to the regulations in place that says if a school is on the failing list, they have to have specific methods: more programs, more in-services, new methods and materials added to help the school and students improve.

Some of the problem is that the standards continue to grow toward 100% proficient despite the obvious inability of some of the students to succeed at that level.

Think of when you were in school... some kids dropped out. Law states that they can no longer do that.

I don't have all the answers, that is for sure. It is a heck of a mess. I hope some of what I've said makes sense to you.

What I really don't understand is why, when other districts are spending more per student right off the bat, RUSD does not go along with those numbers, instead of having to propose referendums for critical, structural needs.

Sorry, I wrote a book.

OrbsCorbs said...

Bureaucracies tend to grow and grow. I know that a lot of the schools are decrepit, but we paid for those repairs. RUSD does whatever it wants with the money they get.

I have no answers, either. We are graduating illiterates.

We need o go back to "reading, writing, and 'rithmetics," but government mandates have made that impossible.

Anonymous said...


"IT'S for the children"
So much bullshit
RUSD is all about the pension and perks for the elitist in RUSD.

That is the reality !

SER said...

From KK: they often times are vaguely written, have no definite spending restrictions, no time frame and hold very limited accountability

What it comes down to the referendum is nothing but a "Slush Fund"