Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dark Money Matters

Tried to embed the video, but I couldn't get it to work. Pretty interesting stuff that isn't making main stream news yet.

My first blog. More to come, I hope.


OrbsCorbs said...

Welcome to the JTI, Polly Pundit. I look forward to your blogs.

I hope Walker gets elected president. Then his ass will be out of Wisconsin and the rest of the country can "benefit" from Walker's corruption. He might be the tipping point for another revolution.

Sandy Bond said...

Oh Polly Poundit, Since when is MSNBC not mainstream media?

All my love

SER said...

Great post Polly person!!!

Walker, what a dickhead. I can't wait to see what the courts have to say about his shit he pulls. they should lock his ass up and give him to Bubba.

I guess you can tell i can't stand the lying bastard.

OKIE said...

I don't know who is worse; him or Cruz.

Beejay said...

Coin toss, OKIE!

Toad said...

I can't even look at the SOB. He and Ron Johnson make me want to puke. Ted Cruz also, but he Is insignificant.

kkdither said...

I was introduced to his lying antics early on when he went after education. It had everything to do with hate and elitism, as majority white schools did not see the cuts that inner city schools had to deal with.

His Koch money, his big buck donors were far more important than our children's future right from the beginning. They wanted right to work. He said it himself... divide and conquer. The teachers were the first easy target. Who didn't have a teacher they didn't like? Once they robbed our pockets, but more importantly, silenced our voices, they went after the private sector. Again, nothing to do with "fixing" the woes of education, but everything to do with lining the pockets of the ubers, who can help his quest for power.