Friday, April 3, 2015

Your Struggle Is Not In Your Imagination

Wisconsin's middle class saw the steepest decline in the country since 2000, according to a new study. 

The study found that the percentage of households in the middle class dropped in all 50 states, with Wisconsin’s drop from 54.6 percent to 48.9 percent being the most significant. Moreover, Wisconsin saw a 14 percent decline in median household income.  (click the above link to wpr to read more...)


Toad said...

WELL, "Baby what a big surprise" Yup, things are just wonderful.

OrbsCorbs said...

Walker for President! Let him ruin the whole damn country.

kkdither said...

I don't know what they want to call it, but everything is costing more, and my paycheck is less. Not a good combo.

lizardmom said...

more and more people are having to work out of state, and yet 'he' still has a great following, I don't get it, just sad...

Anonymous said...

Peter Thiel Blasts: "The American Political System Is "Not A Democracy Or Constitutional Republic"

Democracy in America is dead, according to Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel.

“It’s not clear we’re living in anything resembling a democracy,” he told a crowd Tuesday at George Mason University. “We’re living in a republic that’s modified by a judicial system, that’s been largely superseded by these agencies that drive the decision-making.”

“Calling our society a democracy is very misleading,” Thiel went on. “We’re not a republic; we’re not a constitutional republic. We live in a state that’s dominated by these technocratic agencies.”

Meet your new unelected and unaccountable Rulers:

RCEDC Boards and Committes

Milwaukee Seven: Board Members include Jim Ladwig (RCEDC, RAMAC, former County Executive, Jenny Trick (RCEDC),and Mark Eckhardt (Senior VP and Johnson Wax CFO).

The Milwaukee 7 Regional Economic Development Advisory Council provides strategic direction and regional representation for the economic development campaign and its initiatives.

A historically significant advancement for the Milwaukee 7 was a signing of the group’s “Code of Ethics.” On November 29, 2006, a representative from each county and the Milwaukee 7 co-chairs signed this document that details the spirit of cooperation among the seven counties as they approach business prospects.

With this document, these representatives agreed to an inherent level of trust in the integrity of one another. Milwaukee 7 is founded on the importance of respect and trust amongst its members, working as one region to leverage our assets to sell the seven-county region globally.

And finally, First Pathways:

Congress created the Employment-Based Fifth (EB5) immigrant investor green card program in 1990. The purpose of the EB5 program is to encourage immigrants to invest in, or manage, U.S. companies that benefit the U.S. economy.

If you wish to immigrate to the U.S. and are willing to invest $500,000, you and your family (spouse and any unmarried children under 21) can receive a “conditional” green card good for two years.

After two years, if you have maintained the investment and created at least ten jobs, the conditional status is removed and you become a “permanent” green card holder, eligible for U.S. citizenship.

As an EB5 immigrant, you may either invest in your own company, or invest your money (along with other EB5 immigrants) in qualified projects.

Anonymous said...

Recession confirmed:

It sure is lucky those Ivy League educated economists at those Wall Street criminal banks are paid millions per year. How else could we get such accurate forecasts about job growth in the U.S. These mental midgets predicted 245,000 new Obama jobs (bartenders, waitresses, house cleaners, clerks, fry cooks) in March. Even the BLS has run out of bullshit and lies. Those dramatic job increases in January and February were cut by 69,000 jobs. That is a 13% error. If I make a 13% error doing my job, I’d be fired. The BLS government drones have the power to move markets with their bullshit reports. It’s funny how the negative revision is put at the very end of their 2,000 word press release.

Debtonomics vs. Economics

Capital in the Twenty-First Century (Piketty) is a work of remarkable scope and influence, with a sweeping new view of income, wealth, and inequality. It builds on a singular trove of data assembled by Piketty and coauthors, and it is sure to be a centerpiece of the debate for years to come. Although the book is widely recognized for its empirical contributions, it also uses this data to construct a distinctive theory about the trajectory of the wealth and income distribution.

Of course, maintaining your lifestyle may not be in the best interest of The Planet - or even sustainable for the next generation.

From Pravda: Social costs of capitalism destroy Earth's ability to support life