Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my April foolers!  How are you?  Did March go out as a lamb or a lion?  I think it was more lambish than lionish.  Our rollercoaster of temperatures continues.  The nice days hint of what is to come, while the bad days remind us of the wrath of winter.  (As if that were needed.)  I’m not complaining given the backdrop of our 20 below winters.  30 or 40 or 50 or even 60 degree days are fine by me.  It seems the wind won’t stop howling.  I wonder if that’s caused by the hot air released in recent forums, panels, appearances, etc., on the upcoming elections?

Last week I bemoaned the approaching election and its attendant robocalls and flashy fliers delivered by mail.  So far, no robocalls for me.  I’ve received a couple of mailings for judge.  They are card stock with glossy finishes.  Couldn’t the money for that be better used somehow?  80% of the population doesn’t vote or give a damn, while 20% is bombarded by lies. 

Nonetheless, VOTE on April 7th.  It’s the way our voice is heard.  Most of us, that is.  When I reminded Señor Zanza of next Tuesday’s elections, he simply said, “I don’t deal with that.”  WTF?  Ooo, I’m so curious about that man, but I’m afraid I’ll lose him if I push too hard to know his secrets.  He’s never acted violent in my presence.  In fact, it’s frustrating trying to provoke him.  He’s always seemed to have my and Junior’s best interests in mind.  And there’s been a few times where he “escorted” me home after I had a little too much to drink.  Junior loves him.  Me?  I’m not so sure.

If you haven’t filed your tax returns yet, you have a couple of weeks to “git ‘er done.”  I’m not scolding anyone on this.  I just filed my paperwork yesterday.  Apparently, taxes are another area where Señor Zanza doesn’t “deal with that.” 

I’m not trying to lynch Señor Zanza here.  Since I met him, he’s always been a perfect gentleman.  His influence has been good.  When I’m with him, I get the feeling that something very positive is just about to happen.  But it never does.

Have you taken a drive around the city recently?  The streets are in the worst condition that I’ve ever seen them.  Radio station WIIL held a promotion to find out where the worst potholes are: Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, or Chicago.  Racine “won”: We have money for “Machinery Row,” but not any roadwork.  It’s getting harder and harder to avoid the potholes.  Maybe Racine will become known as “Pothole Row.”  In the meantime, be careful out on the streets.  Some of the conditions are severe and hard to avoid.  When you think of the cost of a strut or tie rod or tire, you become careful.  You could make a claim against the city, but you’d lose.

Thank you all for reading my blog today.  I love you.  I respect you.  I need you.  You are why this blog appears.

Questions, concerns, queries?  Ask

Enjoy the weather.  Watch out for the crazy drivers.  Don’t let the cold days get you down.  Soon enough, hot days will get you down.


Tender Heart Bear said...

Madame Z- The weather is a roller coaster and that means more people getting sick because they do not dress for the weather that day.

I do not call them potholes I call them sinkholes. I have dealt with all these bad roads every time I go and take Drew to work. On 4 Mile Road by Hwy 31 you have about four real bad bumps to go over and this has been like this since last winter. Then over on Dunkelow there is a real bad bump that goes down like a sinkhole. One day I went around that one and there was a cop on the other side of the train bridge and I thought he was going to stop me for going around the hole. I was just lucky that day.

kkdither said...

Good morning, Madame and the rest of the Irregulars. A cool start to the day, but none-the-less, spring is springing. I see the flowers poking up around the perimeters. Gives me hope.

As for understanding men, Madame, we aren't supposed to. The male mind is much different than ours, for sure. It gives me an odd comfort, that even with your wisdom, vision and insight, it also confounds someone with your capabilities.

I've already got the potholes mapped out on my daily route. I am getting adept at zigging and zagging to prevent the harsh bumps.

Toad said...

THB, You could go out of the house naked, and It wouldn't make you sick. You may die from hypothermia, but you won't get sick. The REAL secret Is to NOT leave the house, like me. I left for Jury Duty, and have been sick for three weeks. Just now getting back to normal. It's all of those carriers out In the wild PEEING, a POOPING at K-Mart making us sick, wait, I think I gonna throw up.

OrbsCorbs said...

I complained to my doctor that this past winter nearly killed me. He said the flu shot completely missed the strain that ravaged the country. It's virulent and it hangs on forever. That sounds like what you have, Toad

Thanks, Mme. Z, for another great blog.

SER said...

A while back (I'm not sure who) did a test of adding shredded tires to concrete.

The rubber made the concrete flexible verses breaking up creating our wicked pots holes.

The problem they ran into was stopping and control distances, with the rubber it made the concrete more Slipperier thus increasing stopping and skidding distances.

I wouldn't care if they banged up a few more vehicles, I would worry about a small (or any) kid running out in front of someone and they couldn't stop fast enough.