Monday, March 2, 2015

Red Throated Loon!

Yesterday Drew and I went to Coal Dock Park in Port Washington Wi. Drew had heard that there was a Red Throated Loon that someone else had seen out there and he wanted to go and get some pictures of it. So we went out there to get some pictures. There was some people fishing in the harbor with the water fowl swimming and diving for fish. I can tell you one thing by the harbor up there and peaceful. We had a real experience there yesterday.

Drew was walking around and getting pictures of different water fowl and when he was done we were just about to leave and then we seen a Red Throated Loon flopping around in the water. The Loon got hooked by one of the fishemens hooks and you should have seen Drew jump out of the car and walk really fast over were the Loon was. There was another birder there too and he had a jacket to wrap the Loon in to calm it down. The fisherman brought the Loon out of the water with his net and to not only one hook out of the Loon but a total of three out. I saw Drew walking toward the car with the Loon and I started to make phone calls to see were we can take the Loon to get looked at. No answer at the Humane Society up there, no answer with the DNR, I called the police they came and had no answers for us so I called a friend of ours that is a birder in Milwaukee and she told me to take it to the Milwaukee Humane Society. So she sent me directions and she called to let them know we were on are way there with the Loon. I was driving with a Loon on Drew's lap and believe it the Loon was just at content as could be in the car on his lap but did not like getting out of the car and going in the building. I just wanted to pet the Loon but I was being good and just left him alone. He is at the Humane Society getting treated and we have a email address that we can keep in touch to see how he is doing.

I was talking to a man in the car next to be and he said the day before he hooked a Golden Eye Duck and he just left the hook in the duck and put him back in the water. That really upset me and I told Drew about that too.

Here is a picture of the Red Throated Loon that we took to the Humane Society.


OKIE said...

You two are good people.

kkdither said...

That was one lucky loon to have you there to save it.

OrbsCorbs said...

Nice save. You are nice people. You've saved me a couple of times.

THB, I forgot about the soup you gave me. It's thawing in the fridge.

lizardmom said...

what an experience! so cool and glad you could help him out