Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Frazz" by Jef Mallett

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kkdither said...

People who know nothing about how to run schools, or what actually happens within, nothing about our clientele, the difficult, yet small percentages... are making some terrible generalizations and killing the future for many, many kids.

It is easy to place blame on the school system for failure rates by issuing standardized tests and reading raw numbers. No child left behind. The needs are high, the funding within is desperate, and the spending above is out of control. The cuts are coming from the bottom. Almost every day we hear of new administrative hires to prove to the state that we are working toward non-faillure. New bureaucracy. The voices of those who are experienced and trained, those who know, are being silenced. The attack on education is escalating. Our good teachers are looking to other professions. It is to the point of being frightening.

I saw a couple of videos yesterday on the news. One was a police chase of a 13 or 14 year old driving a stolen car, firing shots at the guy he carjacked. The police remotely stopped the vehicle. The kid ran. They said he is one of the most wanted (already at his age) and to be considered armed and dangerous. The police said, unfortunately, this is the new normal face for violent crime.

Another video.... a kid skateboarding in the street. A police car stopped him. The kid was disorderly, verbal, attempted to flee on his skateboard. The police officer grabbed a hold of him and the kid fought and had him pinned to the ground. Passer-byes stopped and took the kid off of the top of the officer. It took 3 men to control this kid and a back up squad. Now.... let's fill up a school and teach them. Algebra is the last thing on their mind.

Toad said...

Great comment KK.

OrbsCorbs said...

The powers that be don't want an educated electorate.