Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Report of lion has officials on the prowl, but no evidence yet"

From JSOnline:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

A cougar was spotted in 2009 near Spooner in northwestern Wisconsin and eventually tracked to a tree by a team of hounds. A report to Milwaukee police of a lion sighting in the city Monday has sparked questions about whether a cougar could have wandered as far south as Milwaukee.

"Since the first report on Monday afternoon of a large animal, described as a lion, on the north side of Milwaukee, police and state wildlife officials have received a flood of calls on other possible sightings but turned up nothing.

"Dianne Robinson, a wildlife biologist with the Department of Natural Resources, said on Wednesday that police and her agency were fielding calls.

"But so far there has been no credible evidence a big cat is roaming Milwaukee streets, she said.
In a statement, Milwaukee police Lt. Mark Stanmeyer said:

"'For the past three days, MPD has received calls from concerned citizens who reportedly have seen a lion. Each time a call is received, officers are sent to investigate and have found nothing. There isn't anything else to share at this point.'

"But the story has attracted national media attention and lighted up the world of social media.

"The Milwaukee County Zoo says all its lions are accounted for. In Wisconsin, cougars — also known as mountain lions — are the biggest cats.

"DNR officials have said that cougars are sometimes confused with other animals, including house cats, fishers, bobcats, dogs, red fox, coyote and wolves.

"People have mistaken other animals for cougars when lighting is poor, or the subject is moving quickly or seen from a distance, according to the agency.

"When it investigates potential sightings, the DNR has also turned up hoaxes — usually doctored photos — and has reported numerous examples on its website.

"But the big cats — capable of roaming more than 1,000 miles — have once again become part of the Wisconsin landscape.

"Last year, the DNR said it confirmed two reports of cougars in Lincoln and Marinette counties."

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I'm not worried.   Charlie will protect me.


hale-bopp said...

I saw a mountain lion cub driving up Kitt Peak last week. A mother and two cubs have been spotted several times the last few weeks. I just saw one of the cubs. I stopped the car and looked around for the other cub and mother but couldn't find them. Then the little bugger ran into the bushes.

OKIE said...

We keep taking their habitat away. What do we expect?

As for Charlie, he will take on that lion and win!

kkdither said...

Charlie better leave this one to the professionals. I saw the video on the news that someone took of the animal walking through their backyard. It is a BIG cat. Also, some idiot shot a dog in the leg, thinking it was the "lion" on the loose. Yep, let me get my gun... (not.)

OKIE said...

With all of the idiots out there today, I'm sure someone will probably try to take a selfie with it.