Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Northside burglary Monday night, victim asks for help from the community"

From RacineUncovered:

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"The victim of this burglary is asking for help from the public. On Monday night (September 28th) between the hours of  6-9, the suspects broke into the home through an unlocked window and stole a PS3 (NEON GREEN) . The victim is located between Mount Pleasant and Douglas Ave. If you may have seen something or have any information please contact Racine Police reference 15-48470.

"There have been over 28 burglary reports taken in the recent weeks for the areas of the railroad tracks  to the west, State Street to the south, Lake Michigan to the east and 3 Mile Road to the north. Residents were alerted by an automate phone message last week. Racine Police are also asking that if you have home security system to review your video and if you see anything suspicious to please contact the detective bureau at 262-635-7756."

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lizardmom said...

the victim is one of ours - "Abby"

OrbsCorbs said...

Really? Aw, shit. I hope she has insurance. Sending good vibes to Abby.

kkdither said...

Such a low life thing to do. I hope they catch them and there is a punishment that sticks!

My car was broken into in a hospital parking ramp while I was taking care of my very ill mother. I never leave anything of value in the car, but the creep factor is worse than the potential of missing items. That stays with you. They tossed everything ftom inside the glovebox around inside the car. I know it could have been much worse.

OrbsCorbs said...

Damn thieves. If they catch the asshole who did Abby's burglary, they should lock him in a room with her. She'd probably kill him.

I've heard that many people feel "raped" after a burglary. I can understand that.