Monday, September 28, 2015

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse!

Last night Drew could not sit still at all. He kept going in and out of the house looking for the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse and also getting a bunch of pictures. So I decided to share the different stages of pictures with everyone this morning. I hope everyone enjoys them.


kkdither said...

I sat out with the binoculars last night until well into totality, my own and the moon! (lol) It was gorgeous. They also ran live video online at many sites. I watched some at Sky and Telescope. Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing your personal pictures!

OKIE said...

We too went out every few minutes to watch. It was beautiful. Right before I went to bed at 11:40, the eclipse was almost done. Looked like the man in the moon had a black eye.

Thanks for posting THB.

lizardmom said...

wow, really nice!

OrbsCorbs said...

I'm looking at a big moon right now. My east windows provide an excellent view, but only eastward. Last night I saw the rise of the moon. but then it "moved on" above and out of visual range from my apartment. I shoulda gone out. There probably were some people from the apartment building out there.

Nice pictures, drew. I'd never get results like that. Thanks for sharing.