Friday, December 11, 2015

"Mount Pleasant man accused of impersonating an officer"

From The Journal

December 10, 2015 7:30 pm  • 

"RACINE — A Mount Pleasant man remains in the Racine County Jail after he was charged Thursday for allegedly telling two females he was an undercover Racine cop working on a special child molestation investigative team, although he forgot his badge.

"Joseph C. Kostka, 53, reportedly told the sisters he had recording devices in his eyes and ears and if they were being sexually assaulted, they should call him at the Racine Police Department and he would help them, according to his criminal complaint.

"Prosecutors on Thursday charged Kostka, of the 1100 block of Oakes Road, with a sole count of impersonating a peace officer.

"Mount Pleasant police were called to Festival Foods, 5740 Washington Ave., after Kostka allegedly walked up to the older sister in the checkout line at about 1:45 p.m. Wednesday.

"He offered to show his badge, but then said he forgot it, instead showing his driver’s license, the complaint states.

"After a Mount Pleasant officer arrived at the Knights Inn motel to talk with Kostka, he reportedly said his boss was the 'big dog,' but he couldn’t reveal his name, and this boss communicated with him through those recording devices, the complaint states.

"The government performed surgeries on him to implant the recording devices, he allegedly said, and they could stop him from bleeding if injured.

"Kostka became 'visibly upset when discussing people hurting children,' and said the older sister looked scared of the adults around her in the store, and she kept looking at him and then her younger sister, 'which he believed was her way of letting him know she was being sexually abused,' according to the complaint.

"The officer wrote that Kostka was 'very calm' during the interview, and 'truly believes he is a special investigator for sexual crimes and has recording devices in his eyes and ears.'"
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Did you hear the one recently about the real cop who pulled women over in Oklahoma, and demanded sexual favors or he'd arrest them? He specifically chose women who he knew were vulnerable. Well, he chose the wrong woman and she snitched on him. GPS corroborated her story, and then more and more women spoke up until there was a rock solid case. His rear end is getting locked up for a long, long, time. And the big man boo-hoo'ed like a baby. Nice.>