Saturday, February 20, 2016

Poll - "Journal Times editorial: Are the Mitchell Park Domes a necessity?"

From The Journal

"February 17, 2016 8:00 pm  • 

"In our households, if we’re being smart with our money, we first pay for absolute necessities and take care of standing commitments before we spend on things which can wait, or indulge on non-essentials.

"Milwaukee County is faced with asking itself whether the Mitchell Park Domes are essential."

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lizardmom said...

defining necessity is difficult. does it increase 'tourists', or help educationally? what would be the positive or need to keeping them be opposed to doing without them? Would they be missed or leave a void? maybe I'm just thinking too much, haven't had my caffeine yet.
I've been there a couple times. Yes, it's a pretty cool place to visit, tho I don't visit often at all. I know many special occasions happen there, like weddings and other events, so in that respect, it would leave a void. Really don't know which way to feel on it.

Toad said...

The Domes, are certainly more of a necessity than a new Arena for the STINKING Milwaukee Bucks. ANYONE, particularly residents of Milwaukee County can afford the Domes, Zoo, etc.

OrbsCorbs said...

Toad, my thoughts exactly.

kkdither said...

That was also my first thought. We, as responsible homeowners fix things before they are in need of major repair. A recent study found that many of Milwaukee's public facilities have not been maintained. These are all "our houses." Funding was sidetracked, cut, mismanaged and now our "houses" are ready to crumble, at costs that are exorbitant. This is not acceptable. We can afford to kowtow to private enterprise for new sports arenas, but when it comes to our tax money being sidelined to go to pork barrel projects to benefit friends, acquaintances, rich businesses, it makes my blood boil.

We are starving our schools. The Oshkosh district is considering closing and combing many of their schools because the funding continues to be cut to unmanageable levels. Racine can't be far from this. People need to wake up, pay attention to who they are voting for. The upper 1% is robbing you blind, and selling it as the medicine everyone needs: a way to lower your taxes and shrink government. Look again, stop believing the lies being spoon fed.

drewzepmeister said...

The Domes are a wonder place to visit...