Saturday, March 26, 2016

"Does Racine Mayor John Dickert Read The Journal Times?"

From News The JT Can't Use:

"The Publisher of The Journal Times, Mark Lewis, has bent over backwards been more than gracious in allowing Racine Mayor John Dickert to publish his editorials in the newspaper. In addition, The Journal Times is a valuable source of information and the cities newspaper of record. It is unfathomable to think that Racine Mayor John Dickert does NOT read the newspaper, but then again John Dickert is no paragon of virtue. Oddly enough, despite showing such contempt for The Journal Times, along with setting a bad example for Racine Residents, John Dickert shares the distinction, along with Mark Lewis, of being a sitting member on many local boards of importance, to include RCEDC and RAMAC."

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Toad said...

Think about It. What on Earth would he read about. I hasn't been an outstanding newspaper for 50 years. The day's of REAL reporting are gone. We won't know who the poor guy out making a delivery for a restaurant was for perhaps 2 to 3 more day's? It's the same here, except they NEVER report the incident. Things just kinda happen.