Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my swans and ugly ducklings!  How are you?  I'm feeling pretty good today, and I don't know why.  Maybe I'm just lucky.  I was at my doctor's earlier and my weight and blood pressure came in normal.  I had "water on the elbow" (bursitis) and he drained it and bandaged it.  He said it's a very common injury.  It must be - I don't remember hurting my elbow.  The doctor says that's normal, too.  He said just leaning on your elbow can cause it.  Lord, I hate getting old, but I'm not ready for the alternative just yet.

My doctor also put on a long Ace bandage.  (I believe that's meant to prevent any elbow bending.)  I've already had to "rearrange" the Ace bandage because my wrist and hand were swelling up.  Couldn't we just put the bandage around the elbow area?  I believe they make bandages for that specific area.  The doctor said to avoid using my left arm/hand.  Ever try to blow your nose with just one hand?  It's not pretty.  He also said to ice the area.  Right.  When I asked him how, he said fill a large Zip-loc bag with ice and stick my elbow in it.  Well, obviously that requires loosening, or even removal, of the Ace bandage.  I don't think there's much chance of icing it today.  Maybe tonight . . .

Well, the fallout from Junior's accident while driving Señor Zanza's car has started to settle.  First off, no one was hurt in the accident.  Thank you, Lord.  Señor Zanza has excellent automobile insurance coverage and they took care of everything.  However, the accident revealed something that they didn't know about: Junior.  If Señor Zanza wishes to retain the coverage that he had and still live under the same roof as Junior, it will cost more than $1,500 a month.


Señor Zanza requested that a rider be added to his policy specifically eliminating coverage if Junior drives the car.  Nope.  One of them has to move to a different address.  This is just what Junior wants: to live "on his own," but we pay for it.  I never let my auto insurance know about Junior and I'm not going to.  What a mess.  These guys better figure out a solution to this.  I don't want either of my men leaving our home.  I love them both too much to part with either.

Have you heard the latest on the "bedbug wars' going on in Washington, D.C.?  Read about it here:  Bed bugs are terrible little parasites that can drive you mad.  I hate them.  Really, really hate them.  I had them once and that's enough.  And it's very expensive to get rid of them. You can pick them up anywhere and a full infestation starts before you even know it.  Sometimes their poop is the first thing seen.  Whatever, please get rid of the bed bugs in the White House.  Our nation's "home" shouldn't be infected with anything other than politicians.  And they're probably the most dangerous infestation.

Thank you all for reading my blog.  I know it's very late.  I just have too much to do sometimes.  I love you all and wish you peace and happiness.  And no bed bugs.

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Enjoy the ups and downs of our weather.  The roller coaster is taking us right toward spring.  That's OK with me.  Take care of yourselves.  I love you all. 
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Thank u 4 your wonderful insight of the world, we couldn't survive without u.