Sunday, February 5, 2017


Announcing the start of an occasional feature on the JT Irregulars: "Miscellaneous."  Miscellaneous is essentially a gripe session to air your pet peeves and other grievances in this modern world of ours.  Add your gripes in the comments section below, or start another Miscellaneous blog.

For my first and foremost gripe: cars parking in the fire lane at Walmart Neighborhood Mart and Piggly-Wiggly.  I was at Walmart earlier today and the parking lot was total gridlock because a couple of cars decided to just stop and park in front of the store in opposing lanes.  I have sat behind such assholes and laid on my horn.  They ignore it.  I've walked up to some of the cars and told the people off.  They ignored it.  The only thing that works is the threat of the police.  Sometimes now as I see someone parked in the fire lane, I'll tell them off and then say that I've alerted the police to their presence.  That usually gets them moving.

I foresee a day when people will just stop their cars in traffic, get out and go shopping.  People have told me to ignore it because I could get into a fight or get shot.  See, everyone has ignored this type of shit for so long that it's almost impossible to get people to change.  Ignore it and it just gets worse and worse.  Ignore them and they won't go away.  


Tender Heart Bear said...

I agree with you because that is not marked as a parking spot. It is to pick up the handicap or elderly. It gets me aggravated so much that I go and do my shopping at Walmart after I take Drew to work because those people are still sleeping.

OKIE said...

I always love the excuse, "I was only going into Walmart for a minute". Who goes in to Walmart for just a minute?

OrbsCorbs said...

Well, the cops don't patrol those fire lanes, so they get abused. I've gone into Walmart when a car is illegally parked, done my shopping, and left the store while the same damn car is parked there.

Anonymous said...

Did the gambling establishment have an influence in the outcome of the Super Bowl ?
Hard to believe not!
That's my misc. for the day.