Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"White House 'Infested' With Bed Bugs - Trump Blames Obama"


Anonymous said...

Bed bug populations in the United States has rebounded to new historic levels.
Democrats fixated on global warming was responsible for the initial surge, but the new wave order of crying and whining of the Democrats gave rise to the uncontrolled plague that has now embraced our nation.
Bed bugs hitch rides with dirty politicians who embrace each other, so don't embrace your elected officials.
Another way to thwart bed bugs is to use silk linens, bed bugs don't like silk.
Did you read where Obama quit wearing underwear and is now wearing Depends.
Apparently Depends has a natural bed bug retardant that is activated when moist or soiled.
The bed bugs scatter immediately looking for new hosts to infect.
Bed bugs don't like the ocean or heights either, so an omen to prevent your future infestation may be just reading the news to see where and what the politicians are doing.

OrbsCorbs said...

Trump is King of the Bed Bugs.

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