Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"Dear Village Board"

Dear Village Board,
Now MTP is calling for an "Intergovernmental oversight panel" which is simply a ruse to fool Residents into believing that something which will not actually happen - will.
It's desperation time as Fake Republicans are outed - while more false promises from incompetent soul selling Politicians are claimed to be the "Saving Grace' which will turn the bankrupt City of Racine, indeed, the whole of Racine County from the impending bankruptcy which is coming.
As Foxconn Terry Gou receives more input from concerned Residents telling him to go elsewhere - like - to another Third World Country with substandard environmental and labor protection laws - the MTP project will be abandoned. 

Scary indeed - as another TAXING AUTHORITY is being asked to be created by government decree!

Foxconn Technology Group plans to build a massive manufacturing facility on 1,198 acres east of Interstate 94, west of Highway H, north of Highway KR and south of Braun Road.

The oversight commission would be made up of four members: the Mount Pleasant village president and another elected official from the village; and the Racine County executive and another elected official from the county.

The commission could have the power to borrow money “if and when that borrowing is needed,” Marcuvitz said, with the approval of the village and county boards.


To Mr. Terry Gou - take your manufacturing facility elsewhere - outside of MTP Wisconsin - we don't want you here - or your environmental issues, slave wage labor, substandard working conditions, or taxpayer subsidies.

While Governor Scott Walker and his accomplices need to be impeached for violating the State of Wisconsin Constitution and their Oath of Office

Tim & Cindy

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