Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, boys and girls, moms and dads, grandpa and grandma, aunts and uncles, cousins, in-laws and outlaws!  How are you?  Personally, I'm looking forward to temperatures in the 40's today.Of course, we go back in the icebox in a couple of days, but that's February in Wisconsin.  March and April are even worse at teasing us.  And then, BAM, spring is here.  Or what passes for spring around here.  The a/c will be on in no time.

Does anyone know how the ice rink is doing in downtown Racine?  I have memories of being chased by boys on the ice.  I screamed and hollered and skated like hell.  The moment they stopped paying attention to me, I started teasing them.  Oh, I protested that I didn't want them chasing me, but the truth was the complete opposite.  Girls would get depressed if they weren't chased.  I suspect that some of the "chasers" held back their speed when dealing with certain "chasees."  You really didn't want to catch any of the girls you chased.  You just wanted to chase them.

Junior would fit right in.  He'd ignore all of the unspoken rules and chase the hell out of some poor girl, usually the weakest of the pack.  Then he would declare her love for him.  She was usually heaving from having skated so hard.  Ah, love.

I suspect that the dearth of city operated rinks is due to insurance.  Someone falls on their butt and sues the city for their bruised tushy.  God, lawyers have destroyed so much of the enjoyment in life.  The threat of a lawsuit hangs over just about everything we do.  We are the sheep.  They are the cullers of the sheep.  We exist only to make the shysters richer.  (Can you tell that I hate lawyers?)  I suggest that we replace the lawyers with computers and put the former attorneys to work in the city's Department of Public Works.  Let them be useful for once.

Foxconn fever continues to plague the area.  We've lost some people to the flu.  Just wait till construction starts on the Foxconn facility.  We'll lose all sorts of people to Foxconn.  I'm so sick of this subject, and they've barely begun.

Hey, where is Mr. Mayor Cory Mason?  Lying John would make headlines almost daily.  With Mayor Mason, it's like having a ghost in office.  Perhaps he simply is afraid of stirring up the pot because he saw what a mess lying John made when he did it.  C'mon, Cory.  Make a commitment!  Stand for something.  Come out in favor of rubber sidewalks.  That way, when the drunks fall down, they'll just bounce back up again.  It's either that or putting up some damn roundabout somewhere where it isn't needed.

Well, kids, get out and enjoy the weather today.  If they can close the schools when the weather is too crappy, they should be able to close them when the weather is too nice.  Let the kids work off some of that cabin fever.  Ah, forget it.  Unified would require studies and public input (to be ignored).  By the time they decide anything, it will be summer.

Simmer.  Yes, it's coming.  You just have to believe.

Enjoy yourselves.  I know it's a workday, but maybe you can open a window.  I love you all.  Be kind to each other.
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