Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, sweety pies and magpies!  How are you? Only 6 more days until spring.  Yahoo!  It's always good to make it official.  We lucked out on winter this past year, but we've also had some terribly cold and snowy winters.  I think it all evens out, but we wear down battling the snow.  Maybe I'll move to Florida and haunt Beejay.  Wooooo!  Bookety book!  Arf-arf!

Wait a second.  Arf-arf?  Whose dog got loose?  Probably the neighbor's Labrador again.  That dog spends as much time here as it does at home.  It knows the food is better here.  As well as the belly scratches.  Junior loves tha5 dog.  Señor Zanza tolerates it.

Of course, with the warmer weather all the filth on the streets will be exposed.  They might even find a body or two.  How many street sweepers do we have.  At least four.  Cut those guys loose as soon as the last of the ice and snow melts.  They do a pretty good job of cleaning the streets.  [Mr. OrbsCorbs says he definitely wants to drive one.]  Maybe we could drive one through City Hall and clean up the damn place.  How many criminals has Mr. lying John left behind?  Let's get those guys.

Only 6 more days.  I can't wait.

Only 3 more days to St. Patrick's Day.

And the party season in Racine kicks off.

I love living in Foxconsin,  Everything is paid for.  Just shut your mouth and do as you're told.  Don't tip the boat, the gravy boat.  I wonder when the jobs are going to start getting here?  I predict that the majority of the workers will come from Milwaukee and Kenosha.  Racine doesn't know how to work anymore.  Racine is the 4th worst city for blacks in the USA.  Jesus.  Someone do something.  I knew we were bad, but not that bad.  I feel ashamed of my ignorance.  I feel ashamed of our racists' ignorance.

There's some elections coming up and I think they're pretty important, but I don't know.  No matter who is voted in where, the taxpayer always gets screwed.  Always, always, always!  The lure of tax dollars (seen as "free money") is too much for the crooks to ignore.

Btw, has Foxconn broken ground yet?  Just wondering .  .

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my blog.  I love you all.

Keep praying to the Sun God to warm us up, but not too much.   Soon my boys will be out in the yard regularly, maintaining things.  I love them.
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